Thursday, May 7, 2009

The most exciting thing I did today was wash the kitchen window inside and out! That was a sight to behold!! I have storm windows you have to take out to wash. I am on the top of the step stool hanging over the sink and still can't reach well. Russ had to go outside and help! We finally got them back in. I never realized how much kitchen grease the screen catches. It all looks real nice. I did get the front porch hosed down and cleaned. Russ got the screen off the storm door so I could clean it too.

Mike just took all his clothes and such home! I carried it all out and Trice will carry it in and put it away! I'm sure she will fill the clothes basket with dirty clothes for him to bring over in the morning!!!

We got the boys bathed and Bo a hair cut today. Bo is still itching so we will get a pill at the Vets tomorrow. Those kill flea pills are great. They only work for 24 hours but help get rid of them. The groomer (neighbor) gave us a break on the price today. Really nice since the dogs got the fleas from their house! Grrr

Think I will go hose down the patio. No dishes tonight! Mike got takeout Chinese for dinner! Yummy!

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Ruth said...

Sounds like you all survived the surgeries, allergies, etc.--that's great!
Same old, same old here. Just work and go home! That's why I don't have a blog-it would bore everybody to death!!
I hope you all continue improving; just take care of yourselves!
Love you