Thursday, May 28, 2009

Six days to blast off!!!I am ready! Except for some last minute laundry and the bath products that goes, I am packed!!! The suitcase is done, the over nighter for the motel, my big bag of shoes! LOL, I have snacks for the trip, books to read, my neck pillow , etc. Russ has a few of his clothes hung together in his closet!!!! He does have his medicine box together. He takes so much I had to buy a plastic container just to hold all his bottles!! He did get the truck washed and the oil changed this morning.

I have spent two hours writing notes and taping them all over the house. They say things like dust on this day, sweep the floors, change sheets, etc. I have a note for each room and one for outside! I know Mike thinks I am crazy!!! He would never remember it all if I didn't leave notes!! I even have Dudes car seat and Bo's car harness all set up in my car in case they need to go for baths or to the vet. I hate to see pets running loose in a car.

I am done for the day! I think I will go let calgon take me away!!!

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