Thursday, May 28, 2009

Good Morning!!!

I think some of Cindy's early rising has rubbed off on me!!! It is before 6 AM and I have the kitchen completely cleaned and the floor mopped! I am trying to have everything done so Mike won't have that much to do while we are gone. It is hard to do some stuff when you use a crutch. I am leaving notes in each room as to what needs done when. He does not appreciate that!!!! LOL

Yesterday was a busy day! I did some cleaning, went to the heart doctor. I got a good report and don't have to go back for 4 months. Russ has to have an echo and leg test Friday morning. Our family doctor ask him to do a repeat echo. Don't know if he saw something or what but Russ is getting tired of the same tests over and over.

While we had our 3 !/2 hour wait to see Dr. Rebecca, Russ went down stairs to DR. Ester's office to see why his new glasses made him feel cross eyed. Good reason!!! The tech had written him the wrong prescription!!! Russ took the new one to where we get glasses and of course they were out of his lens. They are making a special order for them so he should have his glasses by Sat.

Russ picked up his Lap Top Tuesday. They told him he just needed a new key board and mouse. Well, he bought the one they told him he needed and came home and loaded them. Guess what??? That mouse wouldn't work. Sooo Back to the repair shop and hopefully they will fix it!!

After I get the house done, I still have a little shopping to do. I need to buy about 20 jugs of distilled water. That is all Bo can drink. I am trying to have everything Mike might need so he doesn't have to spend his money. Being on temp disability is for the birds!!! He has gotten one check so far for $360. That doesn't go far to pay bills. They still have not approved the extension on his time. The doctor first said he could go back to work May 31. Well, after finding so much damage during surgery the doctor said June 29. Now Mike has to fight some dude in Ca. to approve it.

I hear Russ and the dogs getting up so I better get off my duff and get busy!!!

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OH<<< just to have half of your energy!!! See you soon....Penny