Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Sorry I have been slow on here. I am really under the weasther. Every time I do much I am getting really hot a, dizzy and cooking last night made me barf! I am under Doctor Russ' orders to do nothing today! Trice came this morning and dusted and swept floors! Bless her heart ! It really bothers me. I HATE someone else messing in my house. I can never find things later.

Mike is home and had quite a surgery. Besides the 2 tears and 3 baker cysts the docor found a hole in a bone. He had to graft a peice off another bone and fix it. Instead of 4-6 weeks recovery
he now has 6-8 weeks.
He had a med drip attached to his knee and some how in the night ripped it out. He woke me up at midnight to help him. Now he is taking more pain pills!

Russ' home nurse is here! Will try to post tomorrow if I feel better!

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Anonymous said...

Enjoy being babied!! Take care of yourself,,,if you don't you won't be in Indiana next month!!!!