Monday, May 18, 2009

Well, I can go to Indiana now! I have my slacks hemmed!!! LOL I sure wish I didn't have to cut two miles off every pair before I wear them.

Everyone say a prayer for Cindy's son. His Dad took him to the ER.

They are leveling the house next door today. I keep waiting for it to fall in! I have nightmares about that house. If it ever caught on fire our house would be gone!!! The mother in law lives with them and she hoards food and paper. She'll eat a few bites of something and then hide it. She goes through the trash looking for junk she can hide. The wife hoards bags of stuff she buys. She shops all the time and then hids what she buys. She'll buy bags of stuff for grandkids and hid it. By the time she remembers where she hid it the stuff is too small. Her husband found wrapped Christmas presents she bought 5 years ago in his shed!!! They are really fun to watch!!! LOL

Oh, Kris I got that recipe from the Italian chick! I will never eat anything of hers again. It was gross! It was a big waste of expensive shrimp because the whole mess went in the trash!!!


12-arrows said...

thank you your prayers mean so much.

Granola Mom said...

Oh, no, the Italian chick is aweful! I never use her stuff!

Tonight I'm making Asian style ribs, rice and shrimp and veggie tempura. If it turns out good, I'll post the recipes. I know the ribs are going to be good, lol, because the sauce I made tastes good by itself! Black bean sauce, rice wine, tons of garlic, soy sauce and a little brown sugar and red pepper flakes. We'll see how it all comes out!