Monday, June 1, 2009

Everything but the ice chest is packed!!! Tomorrow while the boys are at the groomer we will load the truck! I mean load it! Ha It looks like we are taking everything but the kitchen sink!! We have lots of drinks to take, I found they are cheaper in TX. If we buy anything in IN we will have to lower the back seat into a platform and load it! LOL

Russ still has not gotten his glasses. The machine that does lens broke and the parts are to be in tomorrow. They may get them made by tomorrow evening. If not they are sending them to IN.

We had our Dr. Appointments today. I got my colesteral results back I am doing something right. All types were within normal ranges. My test for iron, potassium and vitamin B all came back fine! Sooo I guess I am fat and healthy!!! LOL

My hair is almost back to normal!! Bottled normal. I am now a red head again!! My brown/gray mouse must have been really awful, Russ told me to dye it! LOL

Well, people one more day to go! This is the last blog posting until the last week in June. See most of you this week end!!!

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12-arrows said...

I sure am going to miss your blog posts, but when you get home you will have alot to post about. Hey will you do any FBing???? Have a great trip and enjoy every minute of it too! Oh will you be seeing your NJ kiddos? just curious. Sometime I want to meet granola mom!