Thursday, June 25, 2009

Wow! It's been a month!!!

Here I am again!! We had a great time at Russ' sisters. She is such a great lady and was a great hostess.

We did a lot of visiting and lots of grave yard hopping!!! We went from one cemetery to another. We were looking up dates on family members for the history books.

On the 7th Russ had his family reunion. He reconnected with some cousins he had not seen in years. We came home with lots of addresses and emails. He had a great time visiting with them.

One day we went to his Aunt Mary's. She is 86 and lives alone in the country. She had a brain tumor a couple years ago and is off balance. She lives in a 4 level house. Aunt Mary has walkers on all levels and just takes her time on the stairs. The day we were there she was cooking Macaroni mixture! She is Russ oldest living relative and such a fun person! She always makes us laugh!

On the 13 some of my family got together for lunch.My niece, nephew and his wife from Valpo came down. It was so good to see them. I had not seen my nephew in years. I used to baby sit those too and as I am only 5 or 6 years older than them I was not the nicest baby sitter. I really teased them. ( Like playing dead!!!!) My sister, her husband and my brother and wife were also there. It was so good to spend time with family!!

The next week end was really busy. Friday a lot of Russ' classmates met at the Whistle Stop for lunch. What started out as a small bunch turned into about 60 people!!! One guy picked up the whole tab on his credit card. His wife wasn't with him, bet sparks fly when they get that bill!!!!

The next day we started with a lunch in the park! That was so much fun!! I got to talk with some old friends and meet some I just knew on Russ' email. Sat. Night was the banquet! It was so much fun! The speakers started talking about the 55 basketball season when Monon Railroaders and the Francesville zebras had a couple tied games . Francesville was undefeated! Well, they won over the Railroaders!!
Then!! to top off the evening Russ was given an award for being so good about keeping the class together and being a peacekeeper! He was so surprised!!!

The next day was the Allen get to gather. That is always fun. They are a great family and I am so glad I am a part of them!
We saw lots more and did a lot more but this is the highlights! Now we are home and I did a gazillion loads of laundry today! I thought my name was Cindy for awhile!!! (Just kidding)

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12-arrows said...

Oh Aunt Enid you make me just smile and laugh! I love you and am so glad you had an awesome time, glad you made it home safely and even more glad you updated your blog. I've missed you!!!