Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I love my husband!!!

When we were in Indiana my sister in law shared half her Fiesta Ware with me. This morning Russ stopped in Kohl's and bought me three more place settings! Not only did he buy them but got them on SALE! He saved $62.00! How about that? And he got fun colors, bright red, orange and chocolate! Now that I know Kohls sell it my kids now have things they can buy me for presents! I want all the serving dishes now!!!
I took all the fruity ( don't ask!) dishes out of the hutch today. Put away the every day dishes and we will now use the fruity ones. I have my china up in the cupboard above the frig. We are just not china people!


mrsb said...

Oh, those are awesome!

12-arrows said...

look at you all colored up! what a sweet thing for Uncle Russ to do. Don't ya just love it when they totally surprise you with something that you would really love but just don't have the heart to spend money on it? and to think your kids can add to your collection too!