Thursday, July 23, 2009


I have been having trouble with my ankles swelling. So this morning I took one of Russ' water pills ( I know not suppose to take other peoples meds). Well, I have peed my self silly!!!! I have to stop what I am doing every five minutes to run to the bathroom! I think I must have lost 10 pounds by now!!! LOL I've let the ham this am get burnt on the edges, jumped over dogs (that was a feat!!!) and ran out of conversations! If I don't go when I have the urge I know I'll pee my pants! Then Russ would have another story to tell!!!!

On a serious note, I am going to ask you all to keep my brother in your prayers today. He finds out the results of his PET scan tomorrow.

Our garden is coming right along. WE had basil in our salad last night and rosemary roasted potatoes! Can't wait until everything else produces. We are already planning what to plant next year. Russ has 4 boxes build now. I hope to fill the freezer with good things next year. Plus I want to make pickles and relishes. I have got to find a good canning book.

Well, it is that time again. You can all laugh about imagining me running through the house like a mad woman!!!


Ruth said...

You make me giggle!!
The Fiesta ware is beautiful; Abi loves it, too.
I sure hope Uncle Bud gets good news from his PET scan, but the prognosis in general for that kind of cancer is pretty grim. We'll just hope love and prayers will make a difference--he has plenty of both coming from all over the country!

mrsb said...

I've got a great pickled jalapeno recipe (the kind with carrots and cauliflower!) for canning. This year I'm adding more carrots and cauliflower and less jalepenos, though! Not only was it almost too hot to eat (and Bill puts hot sauce on everything, lol!) but the c & c were way better than the jalapenos!

Check out this site for some neat stuff: