Monday, July 20, 2009

Kris told me to post!!

Kris told me to post and I really have nothing to say!!! LOL That's a first! We did NOTHING over the week end but garden. We have our 3 box planted half way. Thursday they are suppose to get cabbage and broccoli in the garden shop. We will see. They say with our temps the starter plants are not growing.
You know it is HELL to get old. I shoveled a little dirt and now I have one arm that hurt so bad in the night I had to get up and take Motrin to be able to sleep. My mind tells me I am 25 and my body says I am a fool!!!

Congratulations go out to my sis in law and niece./ They just bought a new house. We were lucky enough to see it when we were in Indiana. It is beautiful, all almost new and shiny! Wish we could be there to help them move. Although I will miss their old house. It is a beautiful old Spanish style home. We always loved staying there on our trips home.

I also got bad news this week end. My brother just found out he has cancer, Thank the good Lord he is of sound mind and in great health for 81 and the doctors say he is a good candidate for treatment. It is getting scary for me. My brother and 2 remaining sisters are getting up there. My oldest sis will be 83 next Saturday. I talk to her about every week and she is as sharp as a tack and a hoot to talk to. We do a lot of laughing ! My "baby" sis is 76. She is in good health and keeps busy with her cute grandkids.

I have been working on the family books again. I have found a few things lately on line. I wish I had the Monon library here. They have all the old Monon News that articles can be copied. We never made it to the Francesville library. Anyone know what they have there as far as genealogy? Guess that is next trip!!

My house has been let go for a week of farming so I best get at it! Russ will soon be writing in the dust! LOL

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mrsb said...

Woohoo! This one showed up in my reader, so I guess the last "follow" worked. So weird.

And it looks like you had plenty to say!

(My brain still thinks it's 19, though I wouldn't go back to that age for anything!)