Friday, July 17, 2009

Our Garden!

If nothing else, this fall we will have tomatoes and peppers galore!!! That is about all the plants we can buy this time of year! I do have a cucumber, a zucchini and an okra. We have about 5 different kinds of hot peppers. Anyone have good salsa recipes?? I did have tomatoes about ripe on the tomato plant in the pot. Russ found them laying in the yard half eaten. I don't know if it was a critter or a little white pup!
Russ is getting the wood to build a couple more boxes today. We want about 6 or 7 by spring. We are really going to plant. Here by mid March we need to start planting. I guess I may have to break down and get a couple caner's. I have been using an old water bath canner of Trice's. They say now you need a pressure canner too. I am a little scared of pressure cookers. I saw my Mom's explode once.
She went on to use it all the time and my Mother in law had one so I guess I'll bite the bullet!! I saw some fancy ones on line. They are a little to expensive for me. I'll go to Wally World!
My new favorite snack is little cucumber sandwiches. (Thanks Penny). I have been making them on little 9 grain pieces of bread with garlic and chive cream cheese. Add a slice of cucumber and it is sooo good. Even Russ like them and he isn't crazy about cucumbers.
The best part of the garden is I am getting up and going outside first thing in the morning. It sure breaks the habit of grabbing some weird thing for breakfast and sitting here on the computer half the morning!
The dryer is buzzing. Bye


Ruth said...

Your beds look great! You should talk to Denise about salsa--I think she is the expert in the family with the amount she makes every year!
While you guys are sweating down there, we are having really cool weather--we need to meet somewhere in between!

mrsb said...

You can do the regular canning for anything that has a lot of acid - tomatoes, fruit jelly, salsa and the like. As long as you sterilize, it's okay.

We got our pressure cooker at Walmart for $50. It's got a safety valve thingy on it, so it won't blow up, so no worries!

6 boxes is going to be a LOT of food! Your neighbors will be happy!

12-arrows said...

wow those really look great! What a team you two make!!

mrsb said...

Not sure why I wasn't getting your blog in my reader, but it let me follow you again! Gah! At least now it might work right. We'll see.

Now you just have to post!