Monday, August 3, 2009

I am Really Crazy!!!!!

I have just spent the past 2 days hand writing over a ream of paper. I found Ruus' grandfather Wentz's family back to 1712., for a total of 12 generations. It was written to where if I just copied it on the printer , it would have taken more ink than I had, so I wrote it! My fingers are so sore!!! Now when I have about three black inks for the computer I can type it so everyone can read it!!!I feel like a hermit! The only time I came out of here was to potty and eat.

Tomorrow I have to get my hair cut! It has not been cut since we were in In. My roots are 2 inches long and I am really shaggy. We are taking a day trip to New Brunfels Wed. just for something different to do. I have to do something with this mop before then. I kinda left it to the last minute.
I never go on ebay, but I put something in to search the other day and it brought up something for sale on ebay. I put in a bid and today I got high bid! It'll be here in a couple of days. you read for this??? A Francesville Zebras licence plate!!! I got it for $4.99 I thought it would be a chuckle at our 50th reunion in 2 years.
Is anyone else sick of hearing about Michael Jackson?? This is getting old!!!
Well, I am going to quit for today!!! Have a good night!!


Ruth said...

Who in the world was selling that license plate?? That is a riot!
It definitely sounds like you are feeling better than you were last week--I' glad.
Aunt Jane sent me 2 pictures of her with the flowers I sent; did she send them to you, too?
She looks pretty good!

12-arrows said...

Michael Jackson, Farrah its old news, sorry to be so abrupt but come on theres more to life than pervs and sex objects.......

mrsb said...

LOL! What a cool thing to find! Ebay is amazing for that sort of weird stuff!

And Amen to being sick of MJ. Who cares about a drug addicted child molester? The world has a lot better men for young people to look up to than that! Ick.