Saturday, August 1, 2009

What a Day!!!

WE started Yesterday by going to the Commissary. Being old Military, we still buy groceries for the month. We had the back of Russ' truck packed!!! WE got home, unloaded and I had to put all that crap away!!!We took a few minutes rest and had to go to Wally world to get a couplethings( Came out with a full cart!) Just as we got in the truck they called that my car was ready. It had to have a new starter. Thank God for extended warranties. WE were a block from Dodge Country so we went for my car. While we were there we found out Anna got approved for her car so we ran home and unloaded again. Russ, Trice and Anna went back to Dodge Country. Being a great Granddad, Russ co signed so she could get her car. She got a 05 VW golf in a dark blue!

While they were there I started getting dinner ready. I put a pot of water on to boil for fresh corn, got stuff grated for squash fritters and Mike was doing steak on the grill. Well, just as Russ and crew got home it started storming. Trice and Anna took off for home and BANG!!! The lights went off. It was 4:15. At 5 the lights were still off and I put all the food away and Mike went to get Pizza. WE ate dinner by lantern and flash light!!! It rained, it poured and we had thunder and lightening! I opened my bed room window, sat in the rocker and read by flashlight!! We had chem lights (light sticks) in every room. Finally at 8:30 we got electricity again!!! All total in 2 days we have gotten 4 1/2 inches of rain. You can stand out side and watch the grass turn back green!!

This morning I put several bags of cooked sausage in the freezers. I made hamburger patties and fried hamburger and peppers and onions for the freezer. Then I made 4 pints of dilly green beans. I had to try out my new water bath canner.
It is now 9:30 and think it is time I ate breakfast! Think I forgot about it this morning!!!


mrsb said...

Pickled green beans?

We finally had a day of sun here today! Tomorrow it's supposed to storm again, though. Gah!

12-arrows said...

You are one of the busyest ladies I've ever known! I love reading all you do in a day, a morning, a few hours! puts a huge smile on my face!