Sunday, August 23, 2009

Its been awhile!

Wow! Where has the time gone! I have been "Doing" family history and I now have the Wentz book done and about all the Markle! Talk about work!!!

I now have a new favorite place to eat!!! We went to this new little place Friday at noon. We had PHO. That is Vietnamese soup! You talk about good! WOW! I even ate it with fish sauce! YUM!

When Mike came over we told him about it and he went and got 3 dinners. We all shared the different foods. It was all so good. The fried rice was the best I have ever eaten.

Russ' brother came through with flying colors!! He had a couple bumps in the road but sounds like he will be home tomorrow. He will feel so much better when he is home!
Russ went to the old folks home er I mean the Senior Center for a free hearing test. Guess What? The told him he couldn't hear good! Ha, I could have told him that!!! He will be going to the VA next week to get reevaluated.

Have to go check the roast!!! Later....

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