Wednesday, August 19, 2009

49 Years!!!

Today is our 49th anniversary! It is so hard to believe!! This is my favorite wedding picture. We wer kneeling as my brother Amos sang the Lord's Prayer. The person who took the picture forgot to forward the film and then took another picture later. As you can see, I am standing behind Russ and he behind me! Neat, huh?
I was just barely 17 and Russ was 19. Everyone was betting we wouldn't last a year. WE fooled them!It has been an exciting time. Moves all over the world, war (not us! LOL) and many separations do to Uncle Sam.
I wouldn't trade it for anything.
Now we are in the so called golden years. The love we have is deeper and we appreciate each othe so much more.
Thank you Russ for loving me and putting up with me all these years!!!

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12-arrows said...

that was absolutely beautiful!!!! I love your wedding photo and never did I know you married so young. Honestly I think you have to decide to weather the storms and not choose to walk away. It sure makes for a more deeper lasting love when you can do that!