Thursday, August 6, 2009

What A Day!!

We had gotten a card that we had one something, knowing it was probably a scam, we decided to go anyway, just for something to do. Of course it was a time share. It was really a great deal!@ less than two hundred a month and coulld be used in a million different places. I gave the girl a real rough time, even made her look to see if there was one in Northern Indiana and Keyport, Nj. Of course there wasn't! LOL. No we didn't buy it. We have no use for the thing. We did win some stuff we will not use!!! One was a cruise from Galveston, Tx to some where in Mex. for 4 nights. I don't do water!!!! Russ said we will see if Anthony and Danielle want it. The other was several nights in a fancy hotel , you pay air fare in Aruba, Pourte Rico, or Hawaii. Anyone going to one of those places??? We also got a $40 American express card.
The high light of the whole trip was on the way home we stopped in Kempner at the German place and got schnitzel sandwiches! Yummy! We ended up not getting home until 8 last night. It was a real tiring day but we had fun messing with everyone at their pitch talks!!!

Think I am going to take my free $ today and go to Kohls . They have Fiesta Ware 20% off. I want some serving pieces now! If any of my kids see this Christmas is coming!!! LOL

I just looked at the calendar above this desk! Our 49th wedding anniversary is 2 weeks from yesterday. Wow! Where has time gone? It just doesn't seem possible. I was a skinny 17 year old that had never been out in the world and who was madly in love with her husband. I am now a fat 66 year old that has been all over the world and is still madly in love with her husband! Pretty good, huh ?

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12-arrows said...

I am loving Fiesta Ware though I don't have one single piece I'm coveting those who do! Kohl's now that's my FAV place on the earth to shop!

And what is the date of your anniversary? just wondering, our is next Wednesday, the 12th, 31 years! WOW the years have just flown by. We share our anniversary with our second son! His birthday he came 7 days early, couldn't come the day before or after, nope thats not his style!