Friday, August 7, 2009

I'm floating!!!

I just got back from the doctors. My feet have been really swelling. The doctor said my whole body is full of water. So now I have to take the dreaded water pills.Yuck! I will spend the next while running to go pee! Maybe it'll cause me to lose weight, ya think????

The granddaughter brought Russ homemade cookies yesterday. Wouldn't you know she baked him MY favorite cookie??
I have really been into new recipes lately. I have even tried a couple they liked! LOL Why do some sound so good an d taste so yucky??
We have basil running out our ears! I am going to make peso and freeze it. I've never really eaten it much (think once at Kris') but Kris tells me it is great so we will find out!!!
I missed lunch and didn't eat breakfast so I think it is food time. I feel really bad!! Think I have low sugar!!!

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