Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Great Discovery!

I decided this AM to use lemon oil on my dinning room furniture. As I took a break I read the Holloway Lemon oil bottle. It said it was great on stainless steel! Wow!! I did my stove, frig and dish wash! They look great! It also said you could use it in shower stalls for soap scum. Well, My frig is black in the ice and water dispenser. Or should I say gray from our crappy water. Well, I used it there and it took it all away! It is shiny black again! I am so thrilled! I think I have had that oil in my cupboard for a couple years and had never used it! I sure will from now on!!!
I have been a busy bee today! I replaced some tiles on the floor that had gotten yucky. Russ replaced the thingy things on the bottom of chairs. That was what had ruined the tile. I gave the dining room, kitchen, garage and utility a good cleaning today! Tomorrow is the living room and then I can play the rest of the week!

Russ says Maddie Jean gave him her sore throat!!! He has to go to the doctor tomorrow. His throat is so and he is congested. That is not a good thing! Hope Dr Sukumar gives him some good stuff!

It is 63 out right now and we are about to freeze! Russ put on a pair of his sleep pants and I am going to go get a shower and put on my flannel pjs. Yesterday it was 90!!!

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