Monday, September 21, 2009

Monday Morning!!

Where has time gone??? I get so tunneled on one thing I forget to up date here!!!
I have been working on another family history! Russ' great grandmother was a Hess so I decided to look into them! Wow! They were an interesting bunch! One went to Utah and became a Mormon. He had seven wives at the same time and the final count was 62 children!!! Then there was the married woman who had an affair with the churn peddler and got scorned in court by her husband. Interesting reading!!!
Talk about reading, a lot of you know I am a romance novel junkie!!! Well, they have over the years gotten really graphic. Well, I have found some that are fun to read and CLEAN!!! They are by Love Inspired and have a Christian theme to them. There is romance, some suspense and good clean fun.

This week 2 college kids are coming to interview Russ about his time in Viet Nam. Mary Hardin Baylor is doing the study . Hope we get to read what they end up writing!!!

Russ and I had to cover one of our gardens last night with a huge fish net!( Yes, Kris the one he had hanging) Something ( Not naming names, but maybe Dude) has eaten all but 2 of our cabbage plants and some leaves off the broccoli. Mr. Dude is veggie crazy! His favorite snack is baby carrots. He will eat every veggie but lettuce and onions.

Mike just brought me a big package of chop sticks and a container of Daikon radish kimchi. What a guy!!!

Guess I better get busy, I need to go to the store and clean the living room today. I want to get done so I can start looking up the Cooper family! I have a little but want to get much more!

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mrsb said...

Mmmmm, kimchee! Yum!

If something continues to eat the plants, you might think about making a big batch of garlic tea! Pour some hot water over a bunch of crushed garlic cloves, then strain it. Spray it over the plants. Most "critters" don't like the taste or the smell, but it will wash off when you rinse the plants to eat. Keeps most bugs off, too. And vampires.