Thursday, September 3, 2009

I still have not got much going on here! I went to the doctor yesterday for fasting. As usual I came home with bruised hands. She really had a hard time getting enough blood for all the tests the doctor was running. He add diabetes and thyroid to the mix . I just feel so blah and my get up and go went!!!!

I have been doing the family history on my great grandmother. All these years we though she was a Schoonover! Well, her mother had an affair with a guy that was called Derrick Wooten Legg! ( His real name was Dirck Van Vliet) He had a wooden leg so that is what he was called!
This was back in 1684!!! The Von Schoonover she was married to claimed the baby as his own so guess we are related to them by adoption. Plus there was so much inter marriage back then!!! +Come to find out some of the Schoonovers way back ended up in Monon , IN and married a Pearson!!! Does that mean w are all one big family?????? LOL

Russ' computer isn't back yet. Did find out it is going to cost a bundle to fix it! Mike offered to pay for it if I don't have a fit because he bought another gun!!! Lol Guess he decided he will go hunting this fall!

WEll, I best get busy! Russ is in unloading the dish washer and I am playing!!!! See ya!

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mrsb said...

Creepy peg leg inbreeding? What? LOL!

Sucks about Dad's computer. It better come back better than ever!