Monday, September 28, 2009

Think Russ is winning!!

The squirrel situation may be under control!! They knocked two out of a tree yesterday!!!They hung this BIG plastic owl in the pecan tree and Russ sits waiting with his BB pistol! and then there is Mike sitting in wait with his BB rifle!!! I have had so much fun watching all this going on. It is more fun than anything on TV!! Russ just might get his pecan pie yet!!! LOL

It is almost that time of month again for the dreaded trip to the commissary! My cupboards are getting bare!!!I pull a bunch of new recipes that I want to try this next month. We had these potato bundles the other night. Delicious! Made in foil bundles so no clean up!!! I love finding recipes that turn out really good!

I am dreading my appointment with Dr. Rebecca Wed. I am scared I will go back on heart meds. I have been feeling a lot like I did in the beginning before. Then it just might be over weight and humidity!!! Hope so!!! I am taking down my work table in here today so I can once again start riding the dreaded bike. I really hate that thing!!! We have a new, comfortable one in the garage but I never think about that one. Just don't like being out there by myself! BORING!!!

Well, Russ is off to the store so I better get busy. Now is a good time to do house work!!! See ya all later.

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