Wednesday, September 30, 2009

What a date!!!

I had my heart doctor appointment today! Wow!!! Monday, I have a stress test. It will involve stuff shot into me, Pictures, treadmill and other fun things!!! Wed I have a Muga Scan! I HATE this one!!! I get stuff shot in my veins then get to lay on a table while a big machine is on top of me taking heart pictures. Then Friday I get an echo. That one is fun as I can watch my heart at work. I sure hope they find nothing!!!

Russ is on the phone having a heated conversation with a friend about politics! Think the woman at the doctors today had the right idea. Fire them all and no one with money could be in the congress, senate or be president. Let the common folk rule!!! Sounds good to me! LOL

Russ got a squirrel today by accident!! The little sucker jumped out of the tree and went over the fence! Up the neighbors tree he went! Russ shot one BB, hit the squirrel , It fell out of the tree and killed its self!!! LOL Had to call Jim out to get rid of it!!! Dude caught up with one last night. He rolled it down the yard and then looked up at Russ as if to ask now what! The squirrel got away! LOL

Well, I am going to go, relax and enjoy the evening! Tomorrow is grocery day! It will be a tiring day!!!

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mrsb said...

Ewwwwww!! I feed my squirrels! They come running every time I open the dining room window!!