Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Do you ever???

Have you ever ran across someone you knew a long and ago and ask your self where has time gone??? I was sitting in the doctor's waiting room this morning and this little old lady kept staring at me. She finally got out her glasses and went to look at the sign in sheet. As she walked towards me it finally hit me as to who she was. Her and her husband were members of our square dance club 20 years ago!!! I could not believe Leroy is 83 now!!! Russ had a good chat with Leroy while Juanita and I took turns seeing the doctor!!!

I am going to be getting a cat scan on my back. The doctor really would have liked a MRI but with a pacemaker that is a no no. He seems to think this is all coming from my neck and not really the back. We shall see!!!

I feel very old today. Kris' oldest got his divers license today! That little boy is all grown up!!! Doesn't matter, Russ still calls him his "Little Buddy"!!! Guess he always will be!!

The rain has stopped for a few days. It is around 90 today but by Thursday nights will be back in the 40s. It is no wonder everyone is sick!!!

See you all tomorrow!!!

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