Sunday, October 11, 2009

It is sooo cold here!!! Rainy and miserable!!! I have on flannel pj pants, sweat shirt, socks and slippers and I am still cold! Think I need to move south! LOL

No only is it cold but Bo has the croup! he sounds like a sick baby. Think a vaporizer would help a dog????

Trice brought over a country stew for dinner last night. It had all the stew ingredients plus sweet potatoes and turnips in it. Very different but good. Tonight I am cooking. I have Vietnamese chicken wings marinating . They smell heavenly. I am fixing a butternut squash that is cubed and baked and some potato bundles. Everything in the oven!!! My kind of meal! Little clean up!!!

I found a recipe for chocolate covered cherry cookies. They are frosted before baking. I am going to try them later today and will let you know if they are good!

Tomorrow I try the muga scan again. I really hate it as I get panicky in that tube. Guess I just need to buck up!!! Wed. I see the doctor for my back. Still having a lot of pain but am pulling through it. Hope a little therapy will take care of it!!

Everyone have a great Sunday and keep warm!!!

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mrsb said...

It's going to be down in the 30s by the weekend. Ugh. How did the cookies turn out?