Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Just a quick note before I start my rat killing for the day! Lots to do!!!

I made it through the stress test yesterday!! The tech got a vein with the first jab!!!Too bad it went away as soon as she got the first dose of meds in!!!. After that I had pictures. Laying flat on your back with your hands above your head for 12 minutes is not fun!!!! It was then into the waiting room to freeze and wait! and I do mean wait!!! The doctor was an hour and a half late to run the stress part of the test!!! It was so cold in there that we went to the truck to turn on the heater and warm me up so I could get the Iv thing in again. The stress test was..... stress! LOL I got so short of breathe the tech had his hand on my back in case I went over! I made it tho! My BP was 190/80 when I got off the treadmill! I then Had to take pictures on the rack again!!! Had a 10:30 appointment and got home after 3. I was so pooped!!! Russ cooked!!! Vietnamese!!! LOL

Today is a free day to get my work done!! Tomorrow is another test day! More IV radio active stuff shot up an IV port and pictures!

Russ just got back from the vets with Bo. He is allergic to wet grass. Shot and wipes!!! Have to wipe is feet when he comes in! Oh yea, that is going to happen! LOL He is in and out a hundred times a day!!!
Ya'll be good!!!

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