Friday, October 2, 2009

Good food today!!!

I made three new recipes today and all three were asuccess! This morning I made no bake peanut butter cookies! They are yummy! Then I made sausage sliders for lunch. They were really good. They had terriyaki stir fry sauce in the mix with the meat and grilled pineapple and provolone cheese. They were hit with Russ and Mike but Russ wants me to use hamburger next time. Then this afternoon Trice brought over a pot of great northern beans with ham, potatoes and carrots. I had found a recipe for baked hush puppies so I tried that. They were really good and were a cross between hush puppies and corn muffins. I hot carried away with the jalapenos tho... a little warm!! It was a good meal!

I already have 2 new recipes for tomorrow ready!!! I love the tasty kitchen web site!!!!

I feel so lazy! Dr. Rebecca told me not to do too much until after the tests. No exercising at all. That doesn't break my heart!!! It does PO me that I get so out of breath when I do too much. Russ and Mike have been real good about doing the things that make me pant! LOL

It has been a long day so I am going to go curl up on the bed with my book, coke, remote and my dog!!! LOL You all have a good week end!!!

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