Friday, October 9, 2009

Russ took this in the back yard while it was raining this AM. Notice the raindrops on my blooming butterfly vine! Love having flowers in the middle of October!!!
My drugs are working and I am getting around! Make spaghetti for dinner and having Trice over.
It is a balmy 54 out right now! It better warm up. I have about 30 tomatoes that need to ripen!!! Too many for fried green tomatoes! LOL
Do have some fresh okra to fry and peppers coming galore!! The broccoli and cauliflower are growing so warm weather come on!!!
I talked to my sis and brother today. He is hanging in there with the chemo but that stuff kicks your butt! At least the radiation is over. He doesn't complain but know it must be wearing him down. Prayers still needed!!
The back is hurting so it is back to the heating pad!

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12-arrows said...

praying you are up and moving around today without much pain! I just love the pic of the yard! Its beautiful.....