Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Whew! What a day!!!

This has been one long day!!! We started it by sleeping late!! The dogs didn't get Russ up until almost 7:30 . He had a 9:30 doctors appointment! He left and Trice came over and swept all my floors, shuck rugs and gave the Duder a bath! What a girl!!!

I had lab and a CT scan thois afternoon. i drank water until my eye balls were floating, but it worked! They got the blood on first try at the lab and the Nurse got the port in first try for the contrast. Boy do I hate getting that stuff. It always feels like you are peeing your pants! LOL We came home to an easy dinner. Russ did sausage on the grill, Mike cleaned and cooked corn on the cob and we had left over salad! Can't get easier for me!!!

I have to tell you I really love my big sister! It never fails that if I am in pain or just blue she always knows and calls me. She says she can feel it. How special is that. Then she always makes me laugh. Today she was telling me about the day I was born. She was 17 and had a job at the undertakers ( I didn't ask!!!) She said her twin called her and said Mom had twins. Jane got excited and ask "A boy and girl or what?" Her twin said us you dumby!!! Jane said she got so mad at her!!. Then she went on to tell how much the twins and my older brother loved me when I was little. My other sister and brother not so much!!! LOL!!! This I can believe!!!!
It was such a fun way to end the afternoon! She is 83 years old and I tell her I love her every chance I get. All of you enjoy your siblings while you can. There is nothing like family!!!!

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Ruth said...

Are you having fun yet???
Just keep doing what the doctors tell you to do; sure hope your back gets better soon. I remeber those times when my back was aching for days--makes you feel bad all over!
Take care, you guys!