Thursday, November 5, 2009

Best Buddies

How cute is this???? They were taking a snooze in Russ' chair! I just love Bo's arm around Dude!!!
Trice and I found some good bargains yesterday. She got her dress for the wedding. She got an $80 dress for $33. I got me a blouse for it that was 50 for 19. Can't beat that!!!
We went to Dollar Tree and I got 6 new snowmen, pie pans, snow flakes for the tree and some grocery items for $18. The snowmen are so cute!!! I could have bought 10 or 12 more but had to contain my self! :) I need larger ones now to go on top of the cabinet. I think I only have 4 large ones.
I order very expensive cookies from the neighbor girl to help her in so project. They got delivered last night. I found out it was frozen raw cookies. So at 5 this morning I was out baking chocolate chunk cookies! There are 4 dozen so half are going in the freezer for Christmas. I want to start early on the Christmas cookies and freeze them. I usually make about 15 different kinds. I found a recipe yesterday for cookies that you bake in a waffle iron. Think I'll give them a try!!!
Russ' college student that has been interviewing him about Viet Nam is coming today. He is doing a paper on Russ' experiences.
I read in the paper today that Iron Chef America is doing a special using veggies from Michelle Obama's Garden! Who are they kidding! She was out there for pictures when it was planted and a gardener has done all the work! That is a crock!!!
Ruth- I tried calling Mary yesterday and no one was home. I try not to call often, I'll try again today! I think Denice said his last chemo is next Monday! I hope so, he needs to heal so he can eat!!!!
Well, it is off to house work! It is never ending!!!! At least the laundry is done!!!

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Ruth said...

Those 2 pups are best friends, aren't they??
Did I ever tell you that I found a cookie recipe that is a LOT like the fruit bars that Grandpa used to bake at Christmas? Larry looked forward to them every year. I tried my recipe out on him last year and he thought they were really close. I can email it to you if you want--uses the candied fruit and nut and honey with a lemon glaze.
I found a couple of cute 'thinking of you' cards to send down to F'ville; Terry said they would send one, too.
It sounds like you and Trice got some good bargains. Abi loves snowmen, too, but probably doesn't have nearly the collection you do. I try to add one once in a while for her, but it's hard with her living at home--no storage!!