Wednesday, November 4, 2009

It is a fine Wednesday morning!!!

Anopther beutiful day!! Suppose to be mid 70s today! I am sure liking having my windows open. With this warm weather my broccoli is growing. Hope to have fresh out of the garden in a few days!!!

Trice and I are going "shopping" today. Neither of us has any money but we are going shopping. The kids are having a very casual wedding and their colors are red. black and white. They want everyone to dress in those colors. I Have nice dress black slacks but no good tops in those colors. I bought a red blouse the other day but am not too thrilled with it. I did leave the tags on it so if I find a bargain today I can take it back. LOL I also want to hit the Dollar Tree. I am always looking for more snowmen for my collection! It will soon be time to get them out!!!

I made Russ his 2nd pecan pie yesterday. He is looking for the "BEST" recipe! This one had coffee in it. I hope he finds the "BEST" recipes before he runs out of pecans!!!!

Mike found out yesterday that the contractor he works for on FT. Hood lost their contract. Sooo He will either be fired the first of Jan. or be picked up by the new one. Scare situation!!!!I'd hate for him to lose his job. We could always let him move in with us( not thrilling) but we can't pay his bills. He has a new truck he is paying for. Guess he could draw unemployment. Not what I want to worry about right now.

I have 2 Christmas presents bought!!! I know what 2 more are going to be!!! Russ and I are not getting each other gifts. That money will go into our vacation fund. In June we will go to NJ for Chystian's high school graduation and think to KY/TN to meet up with 2 friends Russ made while working. One lives on the KY/TN border and the other in NY. WE might even swing by IN. We shall see. I hate to leave our boys that long but don't think Kris wants dogs in with her cats. I'd like to see about renting a small camper and then we could take them with us!!! Don't know what Ft. Hood charges.
Well I need to sort clothes. It is laundry day! Have a nice sunny day!!!!

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Ruth said...

Glad you are having some nice weather after all the rain and cold! It hasn't been bad here since we left October behind. They are forecasting 60s for the week-end!
Last Wednesday I went to Chicago with 3 gals I work with to see 'Jersey Boys'. It was so good and we have a nice time being together outside of work.
I emailed Terry Monday for sizes and ideas for everybody for Christmas; haven't heard back. This year I guess we will have Ab's new boyfriend and his little girl to shop for, too.
That's all I know. I talked to Aunt Mary a week ago or so and they were doing OK. Uncle Bud doesn't want to eat and that upsets her. I asked if they were up to having company and she said call first, so if he/they are having a bad day, they can "just say NO!"