Friday, November 27, 2009

Still sick! I need a dentist and my doctor. Both are closed until Monday!! My gums where I have no teeth are so sore I can't hardly stand it. Russ says they are white. I clinch my gum to teeth at night and cause big problems!! I think this is what has caused my sore throat, dripping nose and general I hate the world feeling!!! At least it made me not want to go out on Black Friday!!!

Thanksgiving was nice!!! Trice came over and made a few things Wed. and Mike did the pies Wed afternoon. Thursday morning Mike came straight from work and got the turkey in. He had very little sleep for 2 days. He said he went to bed at 6:30 last night! LOL
Tomorrow morning is Commissary day! I have to go, our cupboards are empty!!!Hope I make it! I slept most of today!! If I'm asleep I don't know I hurt! LOL

Got word my brother is doing some better. Prayers are really helping!!!!

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