Monday, November 30, 2009

Quick update!! Still sick. Just home from the doctor. I got a HUGE shot, antibiotics and some other meds. I have to go back to the doctor Friday. Hope I get well this week. We have a dinner to attend Sat. I am off to lay down. I was up all night coughing and I have tooth picks holding my eyes open. Not a pretty site!!! LOL

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Ruth said...

Whatever you have sure isn't letting go of you, is it?? I hope the shot and antibiotics kick in soon!
Haven't heard anything about Uncle Bud since I was there the last time. Is he still at Jasper County?
I'm looking for a wreath for the cemetery that doesn't cost a fortune. It's supposed to be nice one more day here (today), so I guess I'll look again after work. If I don't get it soon the ground will be too hard to push in that tripod thing a wreath is usually on!
We had a nice time at Larry's Thursday. Lots of food, all good!
Diet started again yesterday--haha!
Feel better soon!!