Monday, November 2, 2009

Wow! I just woke up!!! LOL I had been working in the yard and my neighbor handed some trash magazines over the fence. I sat on the patio to look and them and woke up 2 hopurs later! LOL. I sort of have a stiff neck!. It is a beautiful 75 degree day and I guess I wore my self out pulling all those weeds!!!

Saturday night our Humane Society Second Chance building burnt. It was contained in the kitchen area but the cat and small dogs room was next to it. 99 cats and 12 dogs so far lost their lives. The community really went to bat! They had more volenteers Sunday than they could use and donations were pouring in! I was really sick about all those animals losing their lives.

Anyone doing their Christmas shopping?? I


12-arrows said...

I'm making lists and checking them twice.....does that count? My kids have already been putting together their wish lists! I do have a few small items purchased but overall NOPE!

12-arrows said...

oh and for some WEIRD reason I keep posting as White Lake, Michigan. We can't figure it out, we can't change it, we haven't a clue!