Sunday, December 20, 2009

Here it is the 20th already!! The days are speeding by! The shopping is done, the food bought and all that is left is to clean the house. I will do that if I ever wake up!! The new cough syrup the docyor gave me so I could sleep at night really works!!! I want to sleep all day too! LOL

Mike made all the fudge yesterday. That was a bad idea. Now we want to eat it! That peanut butter one is so good!!!

Anna came home from school yesterday!! I had texted her her Christmas card was here from her Dad so she made us one of her first stops!!! She knew there'd be a check in it!!! LOL

Well, I am going to go fix me a cup of tea and get my PJs on. Tonight is the 3 hour end of Survivor!!! All my shows are ending and no new rioght away! Guess it is time to hit the book store!!!

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