Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Wow! I have my shopping almost done!! Trice and I went shopping today and I got all the grandkids here done and some for Mike and Russ. Russ is at the bank getting the money for the NJ kids so it can get mailed tomorrow. Russ and I will go pick up a few things tomorrow and then I am done!! Next will be stuff for the wedding.

This weather is so crazy!! Yesterday Russ had shorts on working in the yard! All the windows were open. Today we are in winter coats. It is cold and windy! We will all be sick!!!

I am so pooped from shopping we are having take out for dinner tonight. I told the guys they could get food from where ever they wanted. I was having nachos from Taco Bell and a mango-strawberry slush!!! I got addicted to those slush es when we were in IN this summer. They are so good and gives you a real good brain freeze! LOL

I have a fasting appt. this Friday at 11. I told the girl if she thought i could go until 11 she was crazy!!! he told me to come around 8:30 and she'd work me in.!! LOl I love the girls that work there.

My heart doctor wants to talk to Anna during her break. He wants to talk to her about going to med school. He said with her grades and what she is taking she really needs to go.

Well, I need to get5 things wrapped and under the tree. Hate the clutter in here!!!

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Ruth said...

How did your appt go today? Was it just blood work?
Have you heard anything new from Jacky? I try not to call Aunt Mary too often; I know she is about worn out, too. I plan to go there tomorrow or Sunday--depends on the weather!!
I think I have all my shopping done; just need to go to the bank for $$$. I was goin to do gift cards, but money you can take to several stores and not be locked into one--and it doesn't expire!!
Talk to you soon