Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I am still fighting these allergies or what ever. I Got real sick last night and had the yacks! Thank goodness I had a wastebasket next to the bed!!! LOl. Think the cause of my illness has been solved. My stupid neighbor is burning wild cedar for heat. Which means lots of cedar since it has been very cold. They have no furnace. Cedar is one thing that makes me very sick. It feels like someone is slowly poisoning you to death. I pray for the weather to get warm. No luck this week. Today is suppose to be rain and snow mixture. I sure wish you Yankees would keep your weather up north where it belongs! LOL.

Christmas was good!! Anthony & Danielle made a quick trip from Houston on Christmas Eve. We had our little sprinkle of snow and had snacks and opened presents and they left for back to Houston. Think they were here about 4 hours. Christmas day was quiet. We fixed breakfast for everyone here and then later we had a late afternoon dinner. They cleaned up and I went to bed! I am just good for a couple hours at a time!!

Our New Years Eve will be a quiet affair. Russ and I will watch New Year's Eve at New York and go to bed! Thanks to Eastern Time we can be in bed at 11!!! Of course we will have black eyed peas New Years Day for luck!!!

Then.... It is get ready to go to Houston Friday morning the 8th for the wedding! Russ has plenty of new batteries ready for pictures! This is a very no frills wedding that has turned bigger than planned. Sees like everyone RSVP'd . A small wedding with about 25 has turned into 75 plus!!! The church is very small and the reception room too. Oh well, we'll all be cosy.

I am going to try and eat something. I have eaten next of nothing for a week and wouldn't you know, I still didn't lose much. Of well, guess i will have to be happy being fat and sassy!!! Love you all.....

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