Friday, January 1, 2010

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!! I am still under the weather. I went to the doctor Wed. and he took me off 2 of my heart pills thinking I might be over medicated. I was dehydrated too. My head feels clearer but still have the gnawing feeling in upper stomach area and sick to my stomach!!! Can't smell raw meat or smell it cooking!!! I told Russ if I didn't know better, I'd think I was pregnant!!! Yesterday morning I got real sick and had to use the waste basket in the bedroom. It was bright blue!! I thought I was really losing it until I remembered I took 2 potassium pills that morning. Whee! Thought not only was I sick , I was going batty too!!! LOL.

I told the doctor he better hurry and fix me, I had a wedding to go to Friday!! I go back to see him Mon. so he better hurry with the fix!!

Think Russ has dinner ready, so I best get out there!!!

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