Sunday, December 6, 2009

Last night we went to the Retired Special Forces Christmas party. What a nice group of people. They swore in the new officers and had a dinner. Since everyone had been eating a lot of turkey, they served brisket, chicken, potato salad and beans. It was really good. Then there was a big cake for dessert. Afterwards they gave out door prizes. Every number got picked. Russ got a tin of cookies and I got a set of Christmas dessert plates. Then all the men got a coffee cup filled with candy and I got a jar of jalapeno jelly! It is so good. It was set up with 4 to a table. We sat with this couple that were in their mid eighties that were so bright and fun. The oldest person there got a plant. She was 87 and still plays golf several days a week and refuses to use a cart. She walks the whole course!

I made 3 batches of coolies yesterday. All that take 325 degrees! LOl. So far today I've made "Jack" balls. I'll do all the 350 degrees ones today and it'll take 2 or 3 days for the 375!!! I am making one cookie recipe that you use the waffle iron instead of the oven. I have a mini waffle iron so will probably take all day!

My 45 year old "baby" boy said today the thing he misses about Christmas most is the big orange and candy cane he used to get on Christmas morning in his stocking. So I got him a stocking this AM. I plan to put little kid toys in it too!!! LOL

I still have very little shopping done. Have Trice done, most of Anthony and Danielle's done. That is it!! I just can't get going. Every time I am out for long I have a reset of this crud I've been fighting. Our doctors are in India this coming week so I don't want to get bad. I hate the emergency room.

I need to get busy with my cards. I have already gotten a few. I got one that always makes my day. It is from my brother Don's first wife. I love her dearly. She will always be my sis. I spent a lot of time with her when I was young. She has a sister a little older than me and I'd go to MI every summer and spend time at the Martin house. They had a big fun family and I really enjoyed them.

The football game is on TV and Russ and Mike are snoring away! Think that is what they enjoy most about the game! Nap time!!!

I'm off to the cookie factory!!! Have a great day!!!!

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