Thursday, December 3, 2009

I think I might live!!! I am starting to feel better. Antibiotics are great!!!

We received word last night that Russ' brother had a heart attack. They did surgery and put in 4 stents! We are praying for a fast recovery. He had just had bypass surgery this year.

We are to get 1-2 inches of snow tomorrow! This is crazy! We won't be able to leave the house! No one here can drive anyway and then mix in snow!

Ruth, I have not heard a word! I left a message on the phone but don't know when she'll find time to call. Guess no news is good news!!!

We are going to the retired special forces dinner tomorrow night. The fee is new toys so I got to go toy shopping!!! We have not bought many toys since Kris moved to NJ. The postage is too high and the kids like money!!! They are all mostly out of the toy stage and want expensive electronics!!!

It is almost 4, so better go prep dinner. We are having beef stroganoff and leftover Butternut squash. You cube the squash with carrots and chopped onions and roast it with olive oil and rosemary! It made a hit!!! I love finding new recipes that everyone likes!!!!
This weekend I think I'll start making and freezing Christmas cookies. I have 15 cookie recipes to make plus bourbon balls and fudge. I have to start early and freeze! I try to do 4 batches a day. I just make drop cookies as I hate to roll them! Hey Ruth, you never sent me the recipe like Dad used to make!!! As cold as it is, it'll be nice running the oven!!!

Take care and stay warm!!!

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12-arrows said...

we got a skiff of snow, nothing more, the west side of the state got almost 15 inches. Crazy isn't it! My kids are wishing for it but for some reason when it comes hear Flint it either goes north or south!