Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Good Morning!!! It is another cold day in Texas. We are to get an Artic freeze in here today!! That is cold!!! We never get into the teens. Crazy weather.

Anna went back to college today. Trice had to drive her as Anna's car got totaled the 19th. I am so thankful Russ made her get Gap insurance!!! He co signed her car and with the Gap what the insurance doesn't cover the it will. With the holidays all paper work has been delayed. Still no police report. This is crazy!!! She is a residence assistant this semester and the dorm where she'll be working is like across from her classes. That is lucky! She will have to save for another down payment now before she gets another car.

The wedding is in two days. We are mostly packed and ready. Have the most important thing packed... the wedding present! LOL I still have to pack for the dogs!!! With Bo on a special diet and having to drink distilled water it is like packing for a baby!!!

I will update with a picture after we get back!!!

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12-arrows said...

we aren't too cold here, typical for crazy MI weather! but we would appreciate a good old fashioned snow storm you know the type where you get so much snow that school is called off? just once would be nice! Enjoy that wedding!