Sunday, January 3, 2010

Hurray! I am feeling much better. I decided Friday to quit taking the lasix and potassium ( Dr. told me to take it!!!) and I started to feel better by afternoon. Sat. I felt well enough to go shoe shopping and today I did the dreaded commissary shopping!!!. I then came home, did laundry and cooked dinner. I am so glad to be up and at it. And most of all I'll be able to go to the wedding.

I am dreading Friday tho... We have never boarded our dogs before. They are spoilt rotten and sleep with us every night. The thought of putting them in a cage breaks our heart. I know Cathy next door will take good care of them. She loves them both especially the Dude!!! Russ has to take them tomorrow and get their kennel cough vaccine. Plus see why Bo won't eat his special diet at all. Guess he got scared. We had gotten some canned that was bad. Russ took the whole case back and got a different lot but he still won't eat it. Can't say I blame him!!! We have $75 worth of food sitting on a shelf!!!

I am about sick of football! Thanks Mandy for getting your uncle into watching college games!!! LOL. It was on all day yesterday and all day today!! If there is a night game tonight I will lock myself in the bed room! LOL

Everyone have a good week!!!

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