Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Good Morning!!!

It has been a while again. Nothing too much going on!!Russ watched a car auction and football all weekend and I read!!! LOL We did go get garden seeds and got our starters planted! He has this starter box of about90 places for seeds in his bedroom. I found new rosemary, thyme and basil plants at Lowe's so I have them potted in my room in front of a nice sunny window. I can't wait until the end of Feb. and beginning of March to get started on the gardens. Russ still has to build the 2x2 boxes by the fence so we can put all the viney plants to grow up the chain link fence!
I went to the heart doctor last night, He didn't even have a fit that my regular doctor took me off some meds. He sort of agreed with him and even said it was his fault I got so sick from taking so much lasix!! I had a 5 o'clock appointment and we got home at 10 til 8. Not too bad!!

Russ downloaded a w2 yesterday and we have on more to get and can get the taxes out of the way!!! We found with Obama dropping Bush's tax cuts we now get a lot less on our army retirement pay. Thank goodness we got a half way decent cost of living raise on the Civil Serve retirement. This economy is killing us retirees. The checks just don't go far enough.

Can you believe Feb. is almost here?? With Feb. comes my girls birthdays. Patrice will be 49 and Kris 40. Sure makes me old! LOL

I have 4 emails that have been in my in box at least 2 weeks that I have to answer today! Wish they just read the blog and I wouldn't have that problem! Oh Well!

Off to find some breakfast and take my handful of pills so I can get this day started!! Don't ya all work too hard today!!!

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