Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I have lost my mind!!!!

Trice came over to day just as I put potatoes on for potato soup. We got busy looking at wedding pictures and gabbing in the "office". Forgot all about those darn potatoes!!! What a mess! The pot was black! It was my good "Taste of Home"" dutch oven. Well, I scrapped what I could and put water and baking soda in it and boiled the crap out of it. I scrapped some more and used some comet cleaner. Russ said that was the cleanest that pan has looked for a while!!! LOL I blame it all on old age!!! LOL

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12-arrows said...

lol you crack me up! I've done that too! also if you soak dishwasher soap in burnt pan or baking dish over night most of the burnt offering wipes right out. I have a hard time leaving a dirty dish in my sink once supper is all cleaned up but I do it from time to time it saves alot of elbow grease. I just love your stories..