Sunday, February 21, 2010

Big Surprise!!!

Patrice got her birthday present from her sister yesterday!
An all expense free trip to the Bradley Casa!!! It will be over the 4th of July week. It includes Broadway shows, a private tour of NYC and numerous other events!!! As you cansee was really surprised!!! It just happened that I was talking to Kris just as she came in so Kris got to hear Trice''s yells of glee! Everyone should have as giving a baby sister as Kris!!!
Now on a very sad note. I was notified yesterday that the doctors have given my brother days to live. I am heart broken. I have so much love for this mam. He has lived his life being a true Christian, a very loving husband, father and brother. He has overcome some of the most serious of illnesses but age and the terrible C has made this time too much. All my love and prayers are with Mary, the girls Jacky and Denise and son Brian.
Russ and I are not taking the trip to IN. As much as we want to be there, this winter has been so hard on Russ and the trip right now is too much. Plus cold weather makes it hard for him to get around.
Russ and the grandson are both getting hearing aids. Joe gets his Wed. and Russ the following Wed. At 11 Joe DOS NOT want to wear them. We hope when he sees he can hear better he will like them. As for Russ, when he finds out how much he fails to hear me he may quit wearing them!!!! LOL
We have the BEST niece, Amanda! She offered to fly to Texas and drive us to IN. Wish we could have taken her up on the offer!!! Love you much, Mandy!!!

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12-arrows said...

What a sweet gift from one sister to another and how very thoughtful too! How long has it been since they've been together? I love surprises and even more so when the recepient really shows excitement! How sweet of Amanda to offer to drive you both, but I certainly understand why you aren't able to make it!