Thursday, February 18, 2010

Today was another good day!! It started out with Russ & Bo going back to the Vet again, Bo's nose is still plugging up in the one nostril. There is nothing like having to pick a dogs nose! LOL Anyway he is now on 2 pills and nose drops!
After Russ got home we went and did the early voting in the primary here in Tx. We had to vote as we don't want Kay Baily Hutchens as our governor!! We like Rick Perry just fine!!!
After that we went out to the bank to open a savings account. Well, I told the bank to stuff it!!! There are fines if we withdraw, monthly fees , blah, blah! We deposited the money in my account and came home! We were trying to set up a account to save for insurance and taxes on the house. Our house is paid off in 6 months and we have the taxes to pay shortly after that. I just set up a separate ledger for that and it will take a little more to balance the checkbook.
After that... Russ mowed the front yard, Mike edged the back and Russ and I worked in our garden beds.

I told Mike we were having chicken for dinner. Well, he had chicken the night before at friends so he went to the meat market and got us T-bones!Then he baked potatoes on the grill and grilled the steaks. I made roasted asparagus and a salad for Russ as he hates asparagus! It was quite a feast!

I will spend my time tonight brushing dogs! The both have hair appointments tomorrow!!! It takes about an hour to comb the Dude!! Who ever said Shih Tzus were lap dogs never met
Dude. He is outside playing and rolling around. He is covered in leaves and twigs and knots in his hair. That will keep me busy while watching survivor tonight!!!

I need to get a few things done before TV time. Have a warm evening!!!

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