Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Well, Tuesday is about over!!!! I started the day with a pacemaker/refib check. Dr. Price said I got an A+. He had thought I'd need to get my battery replaced this month but it is still holding up good. I go back in August for a recheck.

From there we went to Wal Mart and then to Lowes. I got some herbs and tomato plants. This house looks like a nursery!!!

We looked for a birthday present for Kris but after picking it out we decided to send her money and tell her what she is to buy. Postage is just so high.

Next we need to shop for Trice. We are giving her something to go with what her sister is giving her. More about that after the 22.!!!
I am about birthdayed out already!! Next month we have one, April is Russ' and Bo's, then in May we have Anna-1, Chrystian-5, Mike -11, Indira-20-, and Danielle - 25. Russ said to just send them all a card! LOL

I can't wait until the end of the week! It will be close to 70 out!! Sunshine come on!!!!

Well I am going for PJs. They sped up my heart today and then slowed it down during a test and that makes me feel crappy all day. I am going to go curl up in bed with a book!!!

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12-arrows said...

you deserve a good day of laying around and reading! you are such a busy busy lady! I love reading about a day in the life of Aunt Enid!