Friday, March 5, 2010

Long time no see!!!

It has been awhile! It has been a busy time around here. WE have been working on gardens, Have some planted, should have radishes by the end of the month. We have plants all over the house. Just in here we have chives, dill, thyme and rosemary on the window sill. In a tray below that I have poblano peppers, banana peppers, bell peppers and kohlrabi. In my bedroom I have cucumbers, squash and jalapeno. Russ has a few herbs in his room too. Plus there are some on the patio. I can wait to hit the stores today to see what they have out this week!!!

Russ made Trice a raised bed this week too. She is really getting into it. He has another started for us too. That will give us 5 big ones and 5 little ones.

The big news of the week is Russ got his hearing aids!! God bless VA. He got $6000 aids thanks to all you tax payers( that includes us too). Would you believe they are bluetooth ready??? He can call people from his hearing aids!!! Also play his music from his phone or there is a place on the thing he wears around his neck to play an mp3 player!!!

I had to go to the doctor yesterday! I look like Rudolph!! A big red nose and bright red face!
I found out I am allergic to Ace inhibitors now, All I can take are beta blockers. Soo I am back on prednisone and instead of atacand I am on toperal.

Russ also had to get his thumb checked. Last week the dr. took his nail off because of an infection. Bluck!!!

It is suppose to be 70 today so I better get my butt in grove so I can get everything done in time to enjoy it!!!
Oh, forgot to tell you all! We are meeting Russ' brother Gerry and wife Penny in Huntsville on the 20th! We are excited! We will get to introduce our granddaughter Anna to them. They have never met them. Maybe if Anthony and Danielle are off that day we can get them to meet us there too. We miss having the kids here!!!

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