Saturday, March 6, 2010

Ruth said I need a new picture on here!

Here it is!!!this is Indira, our Colombian daughter!She is carrying our youngest grandchild! It's a BOY!!! She lives in Miami and is a doctor, a phyciatrist. Her husband is a OB-Gyn. Guess he comes in handy for all the questions. LOl Any way baby Bolono-Horst will be born around May 24. Mommy's birthday is May 20!!!
I woke up this morning and my face was way swollen and red. I am begining to think it may be my pillow instead of the pills. I am going to change pillows tonight and see if that helps!
My sis in law got home last night from having surgery. She went in to have an easy one and ended up with major. That is hard!!! I'm sure she felt much better sleeping in her own bed last night. She has a great daughter taking care of her.
Russ is turning in his tickets today for the rifle raffle. He alone sold enough to pay for half the rifle. ( or should I say Mike & Trice). I bought a couple! Hope I don't win!!! LOL
It is time I ate breakfast so I can make some mini apple fritters.I have to quit checking the recipe sites. I have been spending too much time in the kitchen. Unlike my daughter Kris, I do not love to cook.!!!

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