Monday, March 22, 2010


We are off to meet Russ' brother this AM. We'll have a long lunch and a nice visit.It is always so nice to see people we love!

Tomorrow I find out if Dr. S throws my butt in the hospital. Russ has taken a picture each day to document the swelling. Anyone have critters you want to get rid of??? I'm telling you , it isn't pretty!!!!
My beautiful great niece sent me a copy of the tribute she gave at my brother's funeral. It is just beautiful. She is such a loving and caring granddaughter. My brother was much loved.

Russ has stuck a pillow in the truck, he bought me 2 books to read yesterday and is all prepared for me to entertain my self and not b***h about his driving on the trip today! Think it will take more than a couple books! LOL

It is getting time to leave so off I go.....

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12-arrows said...

I almost called you today to see if you were home or not. I'm praying that they figure this out so you can get back to your "normal" self!