Friday, March 19, 2010

What a great bunch! This is the only picture i could find of our whole family together. I believe it was 1776. It was my parents 50th wedding anniversary. Top row is brother Amos, the twins, Joan and Jane; Don, and Jean. Bottom- Dad, Mom and me. I really look bad! It had been a long bus ride with a 6 year old.
Yesterday was a long sad day. Brother Amos was laid to rest yesterday morning. As this was happening I received the slide show from his thoughtful granddaughter. Melissa will never know how much I have appreciated her.
Then last night my niece Cindy called to tell me about the funeral. The best day was when Cindy and I reconnected after many years of no contact. She is a special lady.
I went to the doctor yesterday for the swelling and the red rashy face. Dr. S gave me a huge shot, i am back on prednisone and if doesn't work, he said when I see him Tues. I'll get my butt put in the hospital for tests.He was very concerned when I told him I had lost 3 siblings to cancer and heart disease in 4 years.
Anna has to have 400 hours of internship in the medical profession to graduate from college. I talked to Sr, S yesterday and he said for her to come talk to him and he would put her to work this summer. She talk to my cardiologist last night. He gave her lots to think about and told her she could follow him around a few days to see what he does. Anna will have a busy summer!!!
Just 3 days until we meet Russ' brother in Huntsville. I am so very homesick so I hope this takes the edge off. The older i get the more I miss home. Which is funny I have not lived there for any time since I was 19.
Would you believe tomorrow night it is to be 32?????? Russ and I are looking for jugs and such to cover plants! The next will be in the upper 60s. It is crazy!!!It is also the first day of spring!!!Sure hope this is our last little tease of cold weather. I hate to go from shorts to a coat!!
Love you all.

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12-arrows said...

awe....that was such a beautiful post! I'm blessed to have found you as well after all these years and so thankful that FB and blogging keeps us connected!